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​Our Programs

We believe that every child comes into the world with everything that they need to be who they were created by God to become.  However, just like little seeds they must be watered and cultivated until the time comes when they are ready to step into their place in the world.  It is said that a child learns 80% of what they will learn within their first three years of life.  Therefore, we understand the preciousness of these informative years in the lives of the children that we a blessed to pour into.   We at the GHRM Center promote an atmosphere where God is the center of our work and love is the main ingredient to foster growth and development our precious children. 

Our curricculum is both educational and fun with themes that our children enjoy learning.  We incorporate the arts in a big way to help our children soar. 

Through our uniquely designed programs, which include performing arts, dramatic exploration, media technology, play and exercise, our children will be encouraged to have readiness in:

  • Demonstrating a curiosity or interest in learning new things

  • Being able to explore new things through their senses

  • Taking turns and cooperating with peers

  • Speaking with and listening to peers and adults

  • Following instructions

  • Communicating how they're feeling

  • Empathizing with other children

  • Controlling impulses

  • Paying attention

  • Limiting disruptive behaviors

Our faith-based and real-time lessons, where we explore the world and the people around us, will focus on these seven areas of growth and development:


All five senses will be at work as we help them discover life and understand the world that they live in. 



We love arts and crafts as well as putting on plays and music productions for our families to come and enjoy. 



We model warmth, gratitude, respect, integrity, grace, compassion, and self-control. 



We will read and tell stories, peak our children's curiosity so that they will learn how to ask questions, and positively express themselves through words and other forms of communicating. 



We support fine and gross motor skills through dance, play, exercise and movement and good old fun. 



We guide our children on to love others, how to be kind and caring make and how to be a good friend and family member. 



We will acknowledge God throughout the day for the life He has blessed us to live.  We teach a bible lesson everyday as a part of our curriculum. Even though we don't "shove or force" faith on our children,  Jesus is at the center of what we do, so He will always be at the center of the GHRM center.   















The primary focus of our little seeds (6 weeks - 11 Months) is safety, health, and emotional stimulation. 

Each child develops in their own unique way. It is our responsibility to nurture and help them to  develop and make sure that they are  safe and loved. 

Sleeping Baby


This 12-23 month group is busy discovering everything there is to know about life. Our job is introductory at this age.  We will begin presenting them with ways to effectively communicate while also introducing them to arts, numbers, and positive social behaviors. 

Baby Boy


Our 2-3 year olds are gaining their independence and enjoying the exploration of all things new.They are constantly seeking things to do. The primary goal of this program is to foster those new skills that they are developing, and encourage socialization as they go through their journey towards independence.

Toddler Playing Drums


Our 4-5 year olds will explore math, writing and enjoy science experiments, create artwork, and socialize—all the skills needed for their next step: kindergarten.   

Boy in Art Class
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