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Prenatal and Parenting Program for Disadvantaged Families

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, "Non-Hispanic black/African American infants are almost four times as likely to die from complications related to low birthweight as compared to non-Hispanic white infants". The Journal of Pediatrics further states, "The racial disparity in infant mortality rate due to CHD among term infants with US-born mothers is driven predominately by the postneonatal survival disadvantage of African-American infants".

Our classes are designed to help maintain physical, as well as emotional and mental health for our expectant mothers and assist our new parents in developing a healthy start for their newborn through developing life skills, learning strategies for reducing stress, and building a support system through weekly group sessions (7 prenatal and 4 postpartum (home) sessions).


We do not provide clinical services, however we empower our families by assisting them with resources as well as .one-on-one case management designed to help our families connect with the appropriate community and social services needed. 

Goal: To decrease the infant mortality rate amongst  African American infants and decrease the health disparities associated with African American pregnant woman.

Activities/Services Group Sessions:  Group sessions are held at the GHRM Center where are families in a relaxed and judgement free environment.

Prenatal Session Topics​

  • Healthy Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery 

  • Prenatal, Postnatal & Newborn Care 

  • Safe to Sleep (Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

  • Period of Purple Crying (Child Abuse)

  • Stress Management (Self Care)

  • Cultural Differences in Child Rearing

  • Healthy Relationships (Domestic Abuse)

  • Fatherhood (Stepping Up To The Position)



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